Friday, April 30, 2010

ಬಹುವಿದ್ಯೆ ಬಹುತರ್ಕ

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jeevana bharavan (to carry the load of life and manage it successfully) adu hagurenipavol vahise (without much of load so that it is easy to carry on...there is no need have, bahu vidye (multiple knowledge), bahutarka (great logical thinking), bahunema (many disciplinary steps) bekilla (not needed). (what is needed? sahane (patience), samarasa bhava (mind of equanimity) antah pareekshegalu (self introspection and assessment is sufficient for wellness of the soul) vihita atmada hitake.

I saw one comment requiring meaning for tough kannada words. Thought of putting this in simple way for a common man to understand the essence of the Kagga. I can continue this if it is necessary.... Chandramowly

If you look at the success and failure of individuals or great companies which are now eating dust, it is because they did not follow basic value system and did not lead their ways based on some ethical principles. All logic, strategy and multidisciplines did not work for companies like Enron or individuals like Veerappan...