Friday, April 23, 2010

ತನ್ನ ಮನದಾಟಗಳ ತಾನೆ

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Once there was a guru lived with his students and he had a strange habit. Every night before he retired to sleep he comes out of his hut and laughs loudly for some time and then goes in to get in to his bed. On watching this for quite some time, a student had the courage to ask the guru why is he doing this. The Guru said, as soon as I wake up my mind projects the world, objects, situations and moods. I perform my role unattached throughout the day. This drama goes on till the night and before I go go bed I discard this person and be with myself. Performing all our given roles and achieving all needed goals is one part of us. The other part, is just inseparable with that unique power, Bramhan which remains as a witness and always in bliss. One who who knows this can identify the outside shadow personality and the inside real personality within oneself. He who lives with this clarity of knowledge is JnAni.......Chandramowly