Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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Venkatesha Murthy said...

The entire beauty of RAMAYANA is described here .RAMA embracing
BHARATHA is a rarest scene we can visualise in the world now.LAXMANA thought that the huge sena might have been rushing to the forest to finish them .RAMA pacifies .He could correctly understand the loving brother and his emotional feelings.With LOVE and AFFECTION and without the slightest doubt of greed hate and conspiracy RAMA embraces BHARATHA. TEARS of joy happiness love brotherhood sacrifice mingle together.An event that could happen only in KRUTHA YUGA is so nicely taught to MANKUTHIMMA.The present political system is that a politician arranges a cold blodded murder of his own brother father or cousin just to have potical mileage money power or grudge and appears in the scene with garlands and issues a press statement praising the person Here the tears of humanity flow like ocean We have to pray for such selfless brotherly love The nation needs it.The world recognises us with such values.

"Laxminarayana Thodinnaya" (