Wednesday, March 11, 2009


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Venkatesha Murthy said...

The entire world is nothing but a jail.We are bound by the various
duties obligations and man made rules and regulations.We cannot just
run from here.Our role play we cannot forget .In addition to this we
can develop interest in culture drama literature sports and thus have
a connection to a world beyond the four walls .We can have an insight
of the desired objects which would necessarily provide calm quiet
peace .This window through which we enjoy the life gives immense
pleasure .We interact we laugh we make others laugh.THAT LAUGHTER
ITSELF BECOMES OUR LIFE .World remembers us with this laugh and not
the struggling daily life where we are made to travel on the top of
the bus.Inside the four walls we may seem to be poor insecure .BUT WE
RULE THE WORLD if we can laugh and make others laugh.

"Laxminarayana Thodinnaya"